Tips for Keeping Flowers Fresh

When you have a beautiful bunch of flowers, you want to keep them looking stunning and fresh for as long as you can! As florists in the South Perth we organise flower deliveries in Cockburn, Canning Vale, Murdoch & surrounds. Here are some tips for keeping your flowers fresh and gorgeous:

  1. Trim the bottom of each flower stem with scissors before you place them in a vase. Trim off around one inch, and remove any leaves so that none is under water.
  2. Two third of the flower stems should be covered with water.
  3. Change the water  every day for the best results.
  4. Keep your flowers away from fruit which is ripening. These fruits give off an ethylene gas – which can shorten the life of your bouquet and cause your flowers to wilt.
  5. Keep your flowers out of direct heat including ovens, heaters, fireplaces and strong sunlight to stop them wilting.

These simple tips will extend the life of your flowers. Contact us for more information on beautiful flowers today! Our professional florists in the South Perth can help you choose flowers for any occasion. We also deliver.