5 Common Mistakes Couples Make When Choosing Wedding Flowers

Choosing your wedding blooms is a lot of fun … it can, however be a little baffling! At Pick Me Flowers Florist at Canning Vale, we find that knowing the difference between the various types of flowers, what is in bloom at what type of the year and what is in can be a challenge! Here are 5 common mistakes that couples make when choosing wedding flowers in Perth:

  1. Lack of Research

Since you’re reading this, it seems as if you have already avoided one of the common wedding flower mistakes! But don’t stop here. A lot of florists are shocked by the number of couples who don’t at least do some research before they shop. To begin, you should start looking at various floral arrangements and saving pictures of the ones you like. While you probably don’t want to replicate an exact design, it’s a good starting point for a consultation

  1. Limited Budget

Planning a wedding can be expensive. More budget-friendly brides might think skimping on the floral arrangements seems like a good idea. Some brides might even try to make their own, which can be disastrous, adding more stress and cost to your final event! So, if you don’t have a bridesmaid or mother with flower arranging experience, save yourself the hassle and add flowers to your budget. And if you do go with a florist, providing them with your budget will make their job much easier.

  1.  Book your wedding early

Why?  Dates get booked out.  Not all flowers are grown nearby. In fact, flowers come from all over the world, which means you might need to allow for more time for certain flowers to arrive in time for your wedding day. To avoid ordering late, give your florist at least six weeks to put their order in and ensure everything is in on time.

  1. Not Considering Your Venue

Choose flowers that go with your venue and colour scheme. For example, if your theme is rustic and casual and you choose a formal bouquet, the look will not be streamlined.  Likewise, be careful that the colour of your décor at your wedding venue does not clash with your flower choices.

  1. Restricting Your Choices to Just One Look

Sometimes the exact type of floral arrangement that you are hoping for is not at its best at the time of year that you are getting married. Consider the many beautiful alternatives that are available ahead of time.

Always listen to the professionals when you choose your wedding flowers! When organising your wedding flowers in Perth areas our florists at Canning Vale have years of experience and expertise in beautiful floral arrangements for weddings. Contact us for more information today.